Turn 2D article images into eCommerce-ready visuals in just two easy steps.

virtuality.fashion transforms 2D fashion images into dynamic, e-commerce-ready 3D visuals utilizing a two-step process: 1. 3D Virtualization: Users can either upload existing 3D images or have their 2D fashion images converted into 3D simulations by our team of skilled fashion technical designers. 2. AI-Enhanced Modeling: The service utilizes advanced AI technology to drape these 3D simulations over lifelike models. This AI system can handle different body shapes and poses, ensuring that the fashion items are displayed realistically and attractively. The goal is to enhance online fashion presentations by making products more visually appealing and realistic, enhancing e-commerce experiences.
Turn 2D article images into eCommerce-ready visuals in just two easy steps.
Written by
virtuality.fashion Press
Published on
November 26, 2023

Step 1: Bring Your Flat Pack Shots to Life in 3D

Upload and Convert: Either upload your existing 3D images or let our global network of expert fashion technical designers transform your fashion items' photos into ultra-realistic 3D models.

Step 2: Dress Lifelike Models with AI Precision

Adaptable Modeling: Our advanced AI system drapes your 3D simulated fashion articles onto lifelike models of any body shape or pose, ensuring dynamic and engaging imagery for your online store.

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