Fashion Sustainability Podcast with Amnon Shalev at ZMI

The text discusses the transformative impact of digital technology on the fashion industry. It highlights the industry's need for innovative solutions and how disruptive technologies, such as 3D printing and virtual reality, are paving the way for a more sustainable future in fashion. Amnon Shaliv, the CEO and co-founder of, is introduced as a pioneer in this space, leading a company that offers tools to digitize the entire production process for retailers. This digital shift, especially post-COVID, has amplified the demand for online shopping and digital product development. Through virtualization, the industry can introduce products more efficiently, reduce waste, and combat overproduction. The overarching theme suggests a shift in the fashion world towards personalized, sustainable, and digitally-driven solutions.
Fashion Sustainability Podcast with Amnon Shalev at ZMI
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August 17, 2023

In this episode of the ZMI Podcast, Joe Kanner from Zvi Meitar Institute sits down with Mr. Amnon Shalev, CEO and co-founder of They discuss how emerging technologies are disrupting the fashion industry, and how consumers and producers alike can aid in transforming a destructive industry into a more environmentally conscious one.

Podcast Summary

The fashion world is clamoring for revolutionary solutions. Disruptive technologies such as 3D printing, virtual reality, and groundbreaking materials are carving a path towards a more eco-friendly fashion sector. Amnon Shalev, the CEO and co-founder of, who firmly believes in the principle: "What can become digital will become digital, and fashion isn't an outlier.", under Amnon's leadership, offers a comprehensive range of software tools, empowering retailers to digitize their entire production flow. Through these solutions, retailers can minimize resource consumption, hasten production-related decisions, and notably decrease wastage.

Activewear set by Actively Black 3D Virtualization

Q: Considering your decade-long journey in digital fashion, Amnon, could you share what inspired the inception of

A: Digital fashion has been reshaping fashion tech over the past two decades. Initially, 3D virtualization mainly served as a pattern verification instrument, supplementing production. Reflecting upon e-commerce's growing significance in people's daily lives, especially post-COVID, the necessity seems to have only intensified. Indeed, the pandemic substantially amplified the demand for 3D virtualization and digital product innovation. This surge in online shopping directly boosts digital product creation. The digital designs utilized for product virtualization are the same ones used for marketing, promoting, and ultimately, selling.

AI-generated Humanlike Model dressed in 3D cloths

Q: Amnon, I'm keen to understand where you believe is making its most profound mark. Is it in challenging the fast-fashion trend, or does it lean more towards product contribution?

A: Our mission revolves around countering overproduction and wastage through the virtualization of new fashion items. This enables our client brands to introduce a broader range of products more swiftly, while ensuring minimal waste. The resultant benefits include significant reductions in overproduction, wastage, and speed to market. The fashion sector is unmistakably transitioning towards personalized offerings.

Listen to the full podcast here:

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