Virtuality.Fashion is your home for 3D clothing simulation outsourcing services, using the best fashion design software in the market


We support creative teams, brand managers, pattern makers and production teams creating, developing, marketing and producing their fashion ideas.

Virtualise your collection

No matter which design software you use today, just download our free plugin, integrate into your workflow and upload your creations directly from your work station to have them virtualised and shared with your team.

2D Sketch to 3D

Watch your design come to live in 3D. Virtual prototyping as a concept proofing tool.

AMEND Effectively communicate with our 3D artists and get as close as possible to what you envisioned. SHARE Easily get your team’s feedback for further fast implementation of their ideas. DECIDE Make more accurate decisions concerning product lines. Faster.


3D High Definition

Transform your product development process.
Hi Res 3D simulations as a powerful demonstration tool.

Full range of your approved designs in complete colour/fabrics/size combinations

SAVE reduce expenses on sewing phisycal samples. Get faster to market.
MANAGE gain more control, improve coordination with suppliers. Only produce what is requested.
COMPETE meet fast fashion market requirements.

Remain Competitive!

Get 3D virtual simulations without investing in new software, complex system integration or recruiting and training new software operators.
Lean & Agile : If you already have 3D simulation in-house capabilities, let us support your team when production peaks.


Online virtual showroom
Internal and external interactive marketing communication platform.

Present your collections globally, online, and get instant feedbacks

CUSTOMISE apply your brand look and feel to your virtual showroom
UPLOAD present your models and get feedbacks from your buyers or team, anytime, anywhere.
SELL boost sales of successful models


Virtual simulations drive production.
2D CAD files generated based on approved 3D virtual simulations

ACCURATE 3D simulations are a highly reliable source for 2D pattern making.
COMPERING order 2D files based only on the approved 3D simulations
SMOOTH easy Easier transition from design to production

About us

We support fashion professionals such as designers, brand managers and pattern makers creating, developing, marketing and producing their fashion ideas by introducing an entirely new concept: online 3D virtual simulation outsourcing service. merges the intimate approach of a traditional service bureau with the power of a global network of 2D/3D pattern masters.

Only with us you can access and share your collections from anywhere, anytime and order virtual 3D simulations for prototyping or marketing

Amnon Shalev


« I believe that by closely working with fashion designers, brand managers, pattern makers and IT directors to better understand what the fashion industry expects from 3D virtual simulations, we succeeded in creating a platform that simplifies product development. facilitates bringing sketches to life, as virtual 3D simulations, easier than ever.

Our workflow makes sense. Check out our customisable virtual showroom option designed to assist you react faster to the ever changing market trends.

Our target is making 3D visualisation accessible to everybody, without having to heavily invest in new software and integration processes. »

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BOOST style creation
GENERATE tech packs and 3D virtual simulations
CONTROL your collections

C-DESIGN Fashion® software solution for creating and managing apparel collections now with integrated 3D virtual simulation service for more accurate production results, simple product development process and prototyping cost reduction.

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